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About Us

Global Ag Connections is a web-based software company providing quality software to the agriculture industry. Currently, we have analysis and management tools for the dairy industry, but we are moving forward in other areas of agriculture.

Both of these tools are available via PC, smart phone or tablet. One advantage of this is having multiple people using our applications at the same time and changing data in real time. Another advantage of this is to keep all of your data in one place, backed up and secure with no software updates to worry about!

The program was designed to help simplify keeping track of herd records as well as providing an easy analysis program to help guide daily management for producers.

One of our goals for this website is promote "community" by allowing you to share records with professionals helping you manage your herd. In most cases, people in agriculture have other people reviewing their data. A veterinarian, a nutritionist, a technician or on farm staff. This is what we refer to as your "community". Certain people reviewing your data to work in the best interest of your operation and make it more efficient and prosperous.

Please note, this is not software that you will purchase "out of the box". We can deploy updates quickly. We can take in feedback from outside "communities" and apply them to our software, if that is what the overall "community" wants and needs.


Global Ag Connections features two areas on the website to help producers: an analysis tool and a data management tool.

A ReproAdvisor can help you quickly upload your data from your current management software system; within seconds GAC will analyze the data and provide you a report specifying the areas where you are efficient and areas where you need improvement.

The ReproAdvisor will help you review the analysis report and then you decide what your next step is for managing your herd.

Dairy Industry Analysis
The analysis report for the dairy industry provides detailed information about the reproductive activity happening on a producer’s dairy farm.

In the reproductive area of GAC’s report, some of the traits are:

  • Conception rate
  • Conception rate for 1st lactation
  • Conception rate over 1 lactation
  • Heat detection rate
  • Pregnancy rate
  • Percent of herd pregnant
  • Percent pregnant by 150 days in milk
  • Percent abortion rate
  • Actual voluntary waiting period
  • Average days open
  • And more!
On our production and milk quality area of GAC’s report, some of the cover traits are:

  • Percent of lactating cow
  • Average days in milk for lactating cows
  • Average calving interval
  • Average days dry
  • Percent milk/fat protein
  • Average milk for different lactations
  • Percent dry period greater than 70 days
  • And more!
The graphs that GAC generates for reports include:

  • Age at first calving
  • Breeding interval
  • Conceptions rate by times bred
  • Days in milk at first breeding
  • Distribution of days dry
  • Fat/protein ratios
  • Lactation detail
  • Reproductive status detail
  • Abortion graphs
  • Number of pregnancies by month
  • And more!

Dairy Industry Management
GAC’s management system tracks over 40 default items for dairy cattle. Users can add as many trackable items as they wish to the animal’s profile.

Currently GAC’s management system tracks:

  • Breedings
  • Pregnancy checks
  • Dry offs
  • Calving
  • Synchronization protocols
  • Semen inventory
GAC will be continually adding more and more features to its management system. Do you have traits to add to this system? Please contact us.

Our management software is free to use while the program is in public beta status, which GAC’s goal is to be forever. GAC WILL NOT sell your information to anyone. All data is confidential and only the producer has control over who has access to his or her data records.

About our staff

Now that you've read a little but about what Global Ag Connections is and what we are doing, take some time to get to know our staff!

General Manager - John Miller
John Miller has been in Information Systems for 20 years. John is married with two children. In his spare time, John stays busy with his family and enjoys to read a lot in his spare time.

Senior Developer - John Edmunds
John Edmunds has been a software developer for the last 12 years. John is married with three children. He spends his time away from work playing jazz and concert music to local community groups.

Programmer Consultant - Ric Greene
Ric Greene has been in Software Development for 14 years. Ric is married with three children. Ric is an avid cyclist and owns a cycling forum, and enjoys genealogical research.